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Auto Insurance

Automobile Insurance

Automobiles today are expensive. Without a comprehensive insurance program, you could face substantial losses. You need a financially strong insurance company offering quality products you can depend on. We can help you select the right insurance from the right company.

Looking at the Complete Picture
Have you considered all your options when buying auto insurance? As an independent agent for several highly rated insurance companies, the professionals at Lawson Insurance have the experience, expertise and resources to design an insurance program that fits you, your lifestyle and your automobile. We offer:

Various limits of coverages
Multi-car discounts
Discounts for safety features
Uninsured motorist coverage

Filing a Claim
We know that the true value of your insurance policy is in the responsiveness of the claim service at the time of your loss. That is why the companies our insurance agencies represent have been carefully selected to make sure they live up to your expectations. And, we are proud of the value we are able to offer you.

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