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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella policies are often unknown or misunderstood by many. A personal umbrella insurance policy is just that: protection against high-dollar liability claims.

Why would you need an umbrella insurance policy? Imagine someone slipping on your front porch, then suing you for damages. Or think of what a law suit would cost you if you ran into a school bus full of children. Are you prepared to risk a high dollar law suit without an umbrella policy?

A Whole Lot for a Little Bit
A personal umbrella policy protects you against high-dollar liability claims in two ways:

It adds at least $1 million to your personal homeowners policy, auto policy and sometimes a boat or recreational vehicle policy
It covers liability claims that may not be covered by the underlying policies.
Filing a Claim
We know that the true value of your insurance policy is in the responsiveness of the claim service at the time of your loss. That is why the companies our insurance agencies represent have been carefully selected to make sure they live up to your expectations. And, we are proud of the value we are able to offer you.

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